Christopher Guard has been writing songs since he was a boy; he wrote songs and music for C4’s award-winning Pond Life and in 2004 won the Brit Foundation UK Song-Writing contest Rock category with Attention Deficit Girl. His songs have been played on BBC daytime Radio Cornwall as well as many international indie stations.

Dreaming in Public

Leapfrogtown, Christopher Guard’s London-based band, has won critical acclaim since its formation in early 2013. The group quickly amassed a broad fan base, and its debut album, Dreaming in Public/Double Trouble, won rave reviews.

What The Fox are the new 2-piece subdivision of Leapfrogtown.  They create the vibe and energy of a full band. They recently debuted to a great reception at the Half Moon, Putney.

Chris has worked with many inspiring musicians and producers including Pat Collier (The Wonderstuff), legendary drummers Pete Thomas (Elvis Costello) and Charlie Morgan (Elton John); as well as the genius that is Stephen Sondheim who remarked that Chris was the only one in the room with natural rhythm!

Christopher is currently writing songs and music for the controversial new movie ‘Mercy’.