They’ve got an edge that sets them apart… especially on tunes like “Seven“; HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Rotcod Zzaj

The songwriting/production of Guard and Walton brings life to each and every song, taking the listener on a journey that will have them dreaming in public.

The Indie Authority

Dreaming In Public sounds both fresh and original.  ‘Enough Is Enough’ has a bassline that would have done the Stranglers proud… undeniably great, toe tapping, fun.  Which is exactly what ‘pop’ should be. 

Get Ready to Rock 


Be it the very close to home, funky opener “Fear”, the punk rocking leadoff single “Seven”, the Voidoids-like “Enough is Enough”, the epic “Anyone’s Game” or the title track…every song and every moment, every lyric, every nook and cranny, is well placed and well-intended. An album you could lose yourself in.

Grande Rock